Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Enemy problems

In the competitive world today, there is no shortage of enemies who want to hamper our progress and make sure that we don’t become prosperous in life. But it does not mean that there were no enemies in the earlier ages. This is because there are always people with malicious intentions towards others and our sages recognized this and developed powerful measures to deal with such foes. This is because enemies can cause much trouble and can even tend to destroy our happiness completely. Moreover, it happens sometimes that people nurture enmity in their hearts even though we have not done any harm to them ever. For such situations, Vedic astrology has devised many methods such as prayers and rituals which are 100 percent effective in uprooting your enemies. For instance, shatru samahar pujas such as Hanauman pujan, Baglamukhi puja, Kali puja can be used to reverse the evil intentions of your enemies in such a manner that they can never harm you again in any manner.

Bengali Baba Ji will protect you from all sorts of enemies through his prayers and knowledge uproot your enemies forever so that no one can think of harming you ever.